Hey, I’m Kelynn. I have also been addressed as ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME PUT DOWN YOUR BOOK, among other names, but Kelynn usually works. I’m the sole creator and curator of all the content on this site. I live and breathe words.

That I should be a bookworm was predestined, quite literally. My father bought a book for his future child before he even met my mother. My first birthday present was a notebook with excerpts from Jane Austen’s Emma. I embraced my fate and, now, here I am, bookshelves spilling over and precarious stacks of pages leaning along the wall.

As well as books, I also enjoy movies, ice-cream, travelling to new places and photography. I play the violin. I know an awful lot of history. My dog’s name is Button.

I have a hungry mind –  the consequence of an (over)active thought life – which I feed constantly with barrels of fact and fiction. I read almost anything, from the classics to dystopian YA fiction to business/psychology. Someone once said, “Thought is the labour of the intellect, reverie is its pleasure.” Well, I delight in both.

This blog is a tangible product of my abstract ramblings – a collection of mementos from my voyages across the wide oceans of knowledge and imagination, if you will. In this collection, you will, I hope, find words to inspire, inform and fuel your curiosity.

Happy reading!